Why Use Us!

From Attorneys and Claims Managers, to Corporate Executives and Private Business men and women, SIS Inc. has served them equally with the highest professional conduct.  

We are a well established company with ample resources and experience, who can and will respond to your needs quickly and professionally, even when you are facing extremely tight deadlines. 

Sterling Investigative Services started in 1996 as a partnership of four professionals with varying and diverse investigative specialties including backgrounds in law enforcement, Insurance/Risk Management, Public and Private sector Investigations. Sterling Investigative Services began as a full service investigations company with the ability to professionally handle almost any investigative task.  As we grew, our resources have expanded.  We have a network of recognized professionals from our industry in virtually every major city in the world.  If there is a legitimate investigative need anywhere in the world we can help provide a solution.
Before we begin an investigation, we develop a strategy to best obtain the information needed for a given situation.  We then target the investigation precisely so that we can work faster yet smarter than our competition, while keeping your costs down.  When we complete our investigation, you will receive the information you need documented in reports that are concise, timely and well written.
By offering consistancy in quality, SIS Inc. is continuing to develop long term relationships with many of the nations insurance companies, municipalities, law firms and corporations.
An investigation by SIS Inc. can offer much more than a solution to a given problem.  We analyze the situation that caused the problem and work with you to prevent it from happening in the future.

Company Philosophy & Objectives
To provide high quality investigative services that are flexible enough to meet your changing needs.
To be the first to offer effective solutions to newly emerging problems.
To think strategically and work with you to prevent problems as well as solve them. 
To vigorously pursue every investigation while maintaining the highest ethical and professional standards.
To price every service so that each reflects real value.